The Boys

C is our oldest.  About six month into our marriage my birth control started making me really sick.  So instead of dealing with health issues we decided to start trying for a family.  It took us awhile.  And failed test after test I started to get a little discouraged.  Especially since it took my sister a year to get pregnant with her first child.  We decided to celebrate our 1st anniversary in Cancun, Mexico with my sister and her husband.  Even though I was having a blast, I was moody and not feeling very well.  So my sister bought me a pregnancy test and low and behold I was FINALLY pregnant.  I had morning sickness the beginning of my pregnancy but the rest was pure heaven.  And even the delivery was perfect.  Only moments after C was born I turned to my husband and said "I could do that again".  C was an amazing baby and met all his milestones on time.  But around the time our second son started talking we noticed that C was a little behind.  So we had him tested.  We found out that C had a speech delay and qualified for special services.  He attended special ed preschool for 2 years through our local school district so he could receive speech therapy.  After graduating from special ed Kindergarten they changed his title of "Speech Delay" to "Learning Disability".  So now he's in 1st grade and making a lot of progress.  He is now reading (letters and numbers have been a struggle), is making progress with his speech therapy and just started going to occupational therapy to help him correctly form his letters when writing.

When C was nearing the age of 2 we decided it was time to have our family grow.  I thought for sure it would take us awhile to get pregnant again since we tried so hard with C.  But much to our surprise we got pregnant right away.  We were so excited to give C a sibling.  This pregnancy wasn't as easy as the first.  In the beginning of my pregnancy I started spotting.  Which terrified me.  Luckily things were fine and H was healthy and growing strong.  When H was born we had quite the scare.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.  He came out really pale so shortly after he was born they rushed him out of the room to make sure he was ok.  H's whole infancy he suffered from sick problems.  So when he was 1 we had an allergy test done.  Poor baby was pretty much allergic to the world.  We were told to avoid milk, eggs and peanuts.  As he grew older he grew out of his milk and egg allergies and his skin began to clear up.  But poor kid will never be able to eat another peanut butter sandwich again.  He is currently in Preschool and loving it.  But he is quite the handful.  H is highly active.  So he keeps us busy.

N is our little miracle.  When we decided to have another baby we got pregnant right away again.  And just like my pregnancy with H I started to bleed.  So I spent a lot of time at the doctors and having blood work done to have my pregnancy result in a miscarriage at 7 weeks along.  We were devastated.  But luckily for us we were able to get pregnant again after 4 months of healing.  This pregnancy was my hardest.  I was sick and hurt all 9 months.  And I was nervous that I would miscarry again.  When we went in for the gender ultrasound they had a hard time figuring out the gender because N was being shy.  For awhile there I thought we would finally have our girl.  But 2 ultrasounds confirmed that we were really good at making boys.  Since this pregnancy was so difficult and each pregnancy seemed to get harder my husband and I decided that this baby would be our last.  Which was a blessing because when N was born we almost lost him and me.  N was holding on to his umbilical cord and was trying to come out hand first.  They almost rushed me in for an emergency c-section.  But after lots of praying and and oxygen mask little N was finally born and healthy as could be.  He is now 1 and growing like a weed.  No matter how much he eats he is still tiny (he was born weighing under 6 pounds).  Luckily we haven't noticed any delays or allergies in him.

I am so blessed to be the mother of these 3 adorable boys.  They keeps me on my toes, but I couldn't ask for a better job then being their mom.

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